Welcome to a Loincloth Free World!

This Looks nice doesn't it?
This Looks nice doesn't it?

Hello! This looks nice, doesn’t it? Meditating on a beautiful beach at sunset, with not another soul in sight.Your soul communing with nature, soaking up the positive vibes at your leisure before strolling slowly home to your personal oasis of calm…

Yeah, right.

I have spent most of my adult life trying to attain some sort of serenity, or if not serenity, at least some sort of connection to the great whatever it is out there. But as anyone juggling a busy life will know, it can be difficult fitting everything in to your day as it is-without trying to find time to sit and contemplate, cogitate and meditate!

In fact, I don’t know anyone who has time to sit dressed in their loincloth, in glorious isolation on a mountain top, and let’s face it who wants to? Wouldn’t you rather throw away your loincloth and build that sense of connection into the real world…that’s what I did and you can too.

Throw Away Your LoinclothThrow Away Your Loincloth by Michelle Jones
by Michelle Jones
Published by O Books
ISBN 9781780991153

“Michelle Jones doesn’t just walk the talk, she lives it. This inspiring book will change lives, maybe even save lives. Michelle will take you places your soul never imagined it could visit, and give you understanding that you might have thought was beyond your grasp. This book is real”
Jenny Smedley, author of many books including ‘Pets are Forever’ and ‘Soul Angels”

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